Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I love cupcakes so much, I was one for Halloween!

Yup, I was a cupcake for Halloween. My husband, Mike, made me the costume. How did he make it? Well, he used a large plastic beverage pail, and cut out the bottom. We bought it at the local hardware store. Then we took posterboard (sometimes called oaktag) in a bright pink color and folded it accordion-style. To attach it, he used a hot glue gun. The white 'frosting' is a sheet of fake snow that is used in Christmas displays. I bought two large packages and it was wrapped around me and secured with the hot glue gun. The 'sprinkles' are pom-poms which were attached with the hot glue gun. The trick was that the pail had ropes attached to it so it would stay on me, and the 'frosting' hid it. It was slightly uncomfortable, but a lot of fun!

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